Welcome to my page. My name is Sammy. I live at a vet hospital. My original owners brought me in to "put me to sleep", and the girls here looked at my big eyes and couldn't do it. The other people( as I call them) said the girls could keep me. See I was a special needs kitty. I weighed almost 30lbs and could hardly walk when I came in. My mom now( as I call her) put me on a diet of Prescription m/d(mightly delicious). I am now a slim 14.7lbs, it took almost 2 1/2 years, but I am "the biggest loser". I can jump up on chairs and run, life is good now. But, mom needs to stop being such a food nazi. She says no more. She does like to play this game called "kitty curling", she throws a few kibbles down the hallway and I chase it and eat it. Oh yeah my friend Bart, he's a cat too, plays it with me, but I just shove him out of my way.

My favorite things

  • Kitty Curling
  • Cat Dancer
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Garfield

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi everyone I have been feeling good lately and a lot of the baby kitties are finding new homes! We still still have about 15 that will be kneading new homes.
Mom says I have to have something called a dentistry. She sez my tooth that broke is infected and thats why my jaw is swollen and a little tender. She always telz me its for my own good. I don't belifs her.

Here iz a poem :
Oh big shiney thing in the skyz
How I luvz u,
Uz makez me all warmz and happez
I wishes youz was in the skyz all the timz
Don't ever leavez me big shiney thing in the skyz

1 comment:

Nicki said...

I love you Sammy!!
One of your 'girls'.
P.s. You have to eat more than treats and greenies.