Welcome to my page. My name is Sammy. I live at a vet hospital. My original owners brought me in to "put me to sleep", and the girls here looked at my big eyes and couldn't do it. The other people( as I call them) said the girls could keep me. See I was a special needs kitty. I weighed almost 30lbs and could hardly walk when I came in. My mom now( as I call her) put me on a diet of Prescription m/d(mightly delicious). I am now a slim 14.7lbs, it took almost 2 1/2 years, but I am "the biggest loser". I can jump up on chairs and run, life is good now. But, mom needs to stop being such a food nazi. She says no more. She does like to play this game called "kitty curling", she throws a few kibbles down the hallway and I chase it and eat it. Oh yeah my friend Bart, he's a cat too, plays it with me, but I just shove him out of my way.

My favorite things

  • Kitty Curling
  • Cat Dancer
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Garfield

Saturday, September 15, 2007

RIP Little Buddy

Friday Sept 14th we had to euthanize Sammy. He had not been eating well this week and Friday afternoon his tumor started bleeding alot. I couldn't let him suffer he couldn't groom himself, eat well , he didn't want to play kitty curling or anything anymore. He got to spend the am laying in the big shiny thing in the sky 's warmth.

I will miss him a lot but I am sure he is playing and eating on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

RIP my little buddy I will see you again. Luv ya Big Guy.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Post from Sam's mom

At the end of July I noted a slight swelling in Samboni's jaw. We initially thought it was his broken canine tooth getting infected. Upon further examination it was discovered he has Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Oral SCC in cats is a very aggressive type of cancer even with treatment the survival rate is not very good.

Sammy's tumor has grown about 10x in the past month and half. I fear his time is only measured in days now.

I will miss my little buddy. He makes the days at work much brighter.

Oh my Gosh

Summer is almost over. The big shiney thing is the sky stays away longer now.
My mom has been very sad lately, she says I am going to go to the Rainbow Bridge soon. It sounds like a nice place to be but it makes her very sad.

My mouth has been swollen and bleeding lately. I don't remember hurting it but mom is always cleaning it off for me cuz it keeps bleeding. Yucky. Wish it would go away.

Bart moved out last month so now I get all the attention except when the baby kittens are playing We still have some that need homes.

I need a nap now.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi everyone I have been feeling good lately and a lot of the baby kitties are finding new homes! We still still have about 15 that will be kneading new homes.
Mom says I have to have something called a dentistry. She sez my tooth that broke is infected and thats why my jaw is swollen and a little tender. She always telz me its for my own good. I don't belifs her.

Here iz a poem :
Oh big shiney thing in the skyz
How I luvz u,
Uz makez me all warmz and happez
I wishes youz was in the skyz all the timz
Don't ever leavez me big shiney thing in the skyz

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I am feeling better

These are pics of me waiting for the tube and me after I woke up.

Howdy everyone. I was one sick kitty. last Thursday they put a tube down my throat!!!! They told me it would help me get better. Mom kept giving me shots of stuff and putting stuff in the tube( they said it was a tube to feed me). By Monday I was wanting to eat again so they took the stupid tube out on tuesday. I lost 1 1/2 lbs while I was sick. I have been getting extra treaties since I am better.

My poor friend bart got his foot chomped by a dog. Here he was minding his own bees wax , dozing in his kennel with his feet hanging out and this dog just grabbed it and tore his toe, not off but ALMOST. I knew those dogs were evil. He is feeling better also.

There are more and more kittens everyday. I am afraid they are going to replace me!! Gotta get those kitties out of here. Someone come and get them.(They really are cute)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Man, this has not been a good week!. Monday morning mom came in(I was happy to see her) but I had puked up in my kennel and then she saw the diarrhea. I didn't eat very well either. I wanted to but it made my tummy yucky. Mom gave me a bath, because I was icky. Then I had to sit in my cage all day(YUCK). Today is middle week and I still don't feel very good. They stuck me in the neck again, said I needed lab or somethin"(hey I don't like dogs, don't wanna lab). Then to top it all off they said my liver was high (I would eat liver). Mom shoved some icky things down my throat, I promptly puked one of those things up. HELP, I think they are Poisoning me!!!!! Mom claims it will make me feel better, I'll show her!!!!! and she says "oh Sammy feel better", well don't put things in my throat. PEOPLE, just dont get em.
Oh yeah we now have almost 20 kittens, I don't even have that many toes!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

WOW, Time flies

Geesh nothing posted last month. Sorry, been busy sleeping and eating. The big shiny thing in the sky has been out alot so been busy watching that. Mom says kitten season has started early this year. We have 4 up front ready for new homes, 5 babies at moms house that she is taking care of right now. 6 new ones came in with their mommy the other day and then we had 4 more orphans come in. BIG WOW lots of babies. I like to watch them play but I feel bad because they don't have their own family.
I better get back to resting its raining today so no shiny thing.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wow it is April

Wow I missed a whole month!! We had a big ice storm in Feb and a blizzard thing in early March. Now it is April and it is really cold. Last week the big shiny thing in the sky, mom says it is the sun, wasn't out. I complained and complained but no one would do anything about it. They just said "what do you want Sam", man do I have to spell it out for them! Humans are so clueless!!! All of the kitties got new homes except for one mom cat, she has really big feet. She would like a home. Elliot, my new friend, went home with "mom" we were told he couldn't stay, I miss him.
I am getting to eat Bart's food now, I was told my food got recalled, whatever that means. It could have something bad in it, but they poked me with a needle and said my lab work was fine, which is good since I am 12 yrs old.
I hope the big shiny thing stays out. Boy I need a nap now.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wow it is cold

Wow it is February already and it is cold enough to freeze a cats whiskers off. (at least that is what they tell me). Good new most of the kittens have been adopted finally!!! but my mom said all their mommies still need homes anyone need a bed warmer??? Bart has been gettin in trouble lately he keeps knocking the food container over, that really ticks mom off, but sometimes she misses some pieces and my new friend Elliot and I help her finish cleaning up.

I hear a big car race is coming up in a couple weeks, mom is excited but everyone else at the clinic thinks she is crazy. She is but I still love her she feeds me after all.

We had some baby chickens visit last week they were pretty neat.

That pic above is Bart(doesn't he look like trouble?)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jan 14, 2007

Well the month is almost 1/2 over. I have spent alot of time sleeping on the kitten cage up front in the sun. Oh life is so hard. My friend Bart keeps getting in trouble ha ha. My mom says she is going to make him go away she says he needs to stop tipping the cat food container open. I think it has to do with his catnip addiction. I myself don't like it much.
I am wishing the kittens we have for adoption would find some homes, they are very cute. My mom gets very sad when we can't find homes for them and she says she can't take em all, and the boss says they all can't live with me. I do like the kittens though.
It is about time for a nap. Did I tell you Garfield is my hero?