Welcome to my page. My name is Sammy. I live at a vet hospital. My original owners brought me in to "put me to sleep", and the girls here looked at my big eyes and couldn't do it. The other people( as I call them) said the girls could keep me. See I was a special needs kitty. I weighed almost 30lbs and could hardly walk when I came in. My mom now( as I call her) put me on a diet of Prescription m/d(mightly delicious). I am now a slim 14.7lbs, it took almost 2 1/2 years, but I am "the biggest loser". I can jump up on chairs and run, life is good now. But, mom needs to stop being such a food nazi. She says no more. She does like to play this game called "kitty curling", she throws a few kibbles down the hallway and I chase it and eat it. Oh yeah my friend Bart, he's a cat too, plays it with me, but I just shove him out of my way.

My favorite things

  • Kitty Curling
  • Cat Dancer
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Garfield

Sunday, June 3, 2007

WOW, Time flies

Geesh nothing posted last month. Sorry, been busy sleeping and eating. The big shiny thing in the sky has been out alot so been busy watching that. Mom says kitten season has started early this year. We have 4 up front ready for new homes, 5 babies at moms house that she is taking care of right now. 6 new ones came in with their mommy the other day and then we had 4 more orphans come in. BIG WOW lots of babies. I like to watch them play but I feel bad because they don't have their own family.
I better get back to resting its raining today so no shiny thing.

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